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Changelog for Patch 1.5000

Now includes Starpoint Gemini 2: Origins - Play through the 30 storyline missions of the original Starpoint Gemini, re-envisioned as free DLC for Starpoint Gemini 2!

An issue where Iolian NPCs would equip Unique codename weapons
An issue where enemies would launch wings with zero fighters
A problem preventing Cloak stability parameter to work as expected
A bug concerning Targeting mode and cutscenes/dialogue segments where the player doesn't have the control of his/her ship
A database error in the localized versions that could cause the game to crash
An error in At an empire's end mission with ships exploding in advance
Numerous text errors Thanks for this goes to Unbroken as he's done the additional proofreading.
A typo in the DerelictOnDestroy.sal script preventing it from reaching its full potential.
An error that could in some cases cause the game to crash when storing a ship into the garage
Old friends mission - A bug where boarding a structure you're supposed to destroy would break the mission


Gladius group bounty hunters now T-jump in closer to the player. When you see their message on screen, you'll spot them on the radar as well.
Sorting ships by ship class when generating Freelance missions. You should no longer be fighting against level 1 freightliners. This can still happen, but not as frequently.
Mod Manager to reflect the addition of the Origins DLC


Logitech Extreme 3D Pro throttle(slider) support. If you're using keyboard/mouse control scheme, you can now manually bind the slider to accelerate/decelerate
Tooltips for context menu in Controller mode
Scripterion2 to provide more functionality and ease-of-use. In time this will replace the original Scripterion altogether.

Changelog for Patch 1.8000 (added 10.05.2015):

FIXED: An error that could potentially cause the game to crash when a fighter is firing a missile at the same time as the ship is going through its OnDestroy animation
FIXED: A potential CTD error when merceneries are attacking a defense platform
FIXED: An error in the "Rogues signing off pt.2" mission (Origins DLC)
FIXED: Faction change issue related to the Korkyran Triumvirate and the Liberation front (Origins DLC)
FIXED: Waiting for orders objective issue when crossing from mission 22 to mission 23
FIXED: An error where the Apocalypto didn't regenerate shields after they were shut down
FIXED: An error that would cause the game to crash when accessing the Starchart after all nebulas were removed from the game world
FIXED: A memory leak that would manifest after a long playing session. Several textures were never released from memory.
UPDATED: Slight PhysX optimization
UPDATED: Optimized Junkyards to increase performance
UPDATED: Riftway slightly optimized for better performance
UPDATED: Game now records more data into the Log.txt

Changelog for Patch 1.9001 (added 19 November 2015):

FIXED: A problem with light weapon accuracy on lower framerate
FIXED: Several errors in LoadSector scripts
FIXED: A potential error in NPC AI routines when searching for enemies
FIXED: Several database balancing errors in Russian, German and Polish localizations
UPDATED: Fighters now move more quickly
UPDATED: Optimized collision meshes for structures and platforms to improve performance
UPDATED: Junkyard optimized - Improved loading time and physics calculations
UPDATED: Asteroid fields optimized - Improved loading time and physics calculations
UPDATED: Optimized light weapon firing calculations and VFX for improved performance
ADDED: Maximum number of turrets per weapon battery and per ship is now increased

Changelog for Patch 1.93 (GOG-11) (added 21 July 2016):

FIXED: A potential crash during combat, if an NPC couldn't find his designated target
FIXED: If a Marked targed died / was unloaded from memory for whatever reason, this could cause numerous different, seemingly unrelated errors, and could even elad to the game crashing
FIXED: Several errors in the dialogues in the German localization
FIXED: Numerous minor errors in the code
FIXED: Several script problems that usually didn't cause anything on their own, but combined with other factors, could actually lead to the game crashing or quests breaking
FIXED: An error with heavy weapons disappearing
FIXED: Problems relate to Titans DLC trigger
FIXED: Manufacturer fixed for Thor
FIXED: Several controller recognition issues
FIXED: Issues with visual artefacts for certain monitor configurations
FIXED: A number of minor script issues
UPDATED: Script system
UPDATED: The game now records more data in the game log
UPDATED: Optimization to reduce recurring stuttering in situations where the game WASN'T loading anything
UPDATED: Rendering pipeline to improve game performance
MODDING: Added uncompressed ship and sector files, as well as the already customary uncompressed scripts
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Patch (17 August 2020)

After quite awhile, we've finally updated Starpoint Gemini 2. The list is quite small indeed, but necessary. Apologies for not getting to this sooner.

- rearranged the back-end depot system to accommodate this and any future updates
- added the x64 executable to make the game work better (in some cases work at all) on modern Windows. The executable is chosen automatically on-update or on-installation by GOG Galaxy.