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I like the way updates work on GOG better than the steam way. Better a bit later than sorry.

On steam the updates get forced down on you. So there is no normal way to stop a patch that is bad news.
Like when Steam update to GTA: San Andreas was removing songs, and did break some save files.

Once upon a time I did have nice time playing with my new Skyrim (heavy moded). I had disabled auto-update to prevent my modified game to break on some update. Still the update came and when i pressed the play button (not update) steam did the update anyway - and all my save files became useless. So from that point on. I had to start all over or or live with a game that do crash frequently because of bad save data. I never came back to playing skyrim again ever. And I kind of stopped buying games on steam back then.

So I do prefer GOG's slooooowwww patching system over steams fast auto-patching any time.
Post edited April 23, 2015 by Agrilla
Of course, there are cons and pros for both systems.

I personally like Steam's Cloud so even if my computer blows up in my face, my saves are safe on my cloud.

GoG is best with old games which sometimes don't even work on Steam but always work on GoG, while Steam is better with new games which have constant content updates, hotfixes and patches which get updated more regulary.

Bottomline, everyone can choose which system suits him better. :) And we're available on both.