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Im posting this as a feedback post since i don't see it anywhere for go. This is for build 0.1.42-120821

So heres some feedback.


- Add character zoning, follow the rim world approach and allow us to restrict/box folks in to certain paths or areas based on zoning (what zones our npc's are given allowable access to, this includes adding allow/deny deny means no access to listed zones allow to all listed zones)

- Storage system may need better reworked, i find my npcs just cluttering things in all zones even with storage shelf and bins.Perhaps give storage a "priority" # based on priority of use, and then we can get more technical, think of rim world or safe havens inventory management.

- Priority system ingeneral. I find almost nothing works priority wise, as far as negative numbers to positive but the number 5 and 1. Why does everything need to be number 5 or 1 for carry tasks, restocking tasks, and crafting tasks to happen? I have no idea, but its all that seems to work for me or else my npcs just stand around and do nothing but "wait for task" or look for work that they can never seem to find. Not sure if this is a intended as is feature or a bug so i listed it as a suggestion.

- Robots, we can craft robots to sell, why not use them and activate them to help with reducing the transport work load? Perhaps give us more drone options than the ore drone, and our living npc drones?

- Food consumption prioirty, i think make this automated in its entirety but perhaps give us a order of food consumption based on priority and our human npcs liking(s). Follow the rim world food consumption priority they have in place, i dont know how else to explain that.

- We need to see food degredation status so we know priority and time left before food spoils, if it even does spoil, and where to put it.


- Trader selling issues, when a item that was previously set to sell is set to do not sell, and is still being sold (examples like the food brick, ore, etc..
- Needs to address massive lag on Fastest, and heavy lag on Faster
- Needs to address force terminating the game application due to lock ups (when to many actions are queued or done within the game itself the game will freeze entirely almost crippling the computer as well not just the game)
- The memory leaks, the game goes from anywhere from 500mb-4gb fairly fast, this maybe tying into the mentioned issue above, but this is pretty bad given it cripples the computer frequently leading to lockups and the game, it just straight up crashes or freezes indefinitely dropping to around 32mb when lockup/freeze happens (or it can spike to 3-4gb using ram)
- AI suffocating in a oxygen filled environment after passing through a air lock, this is self explanatory, but the npcs suffocate when they pass through a air lock in rooms with air on both sides, this seems to be random, but i found if you place the airlock to close to a singular wall (IE 3 walls, 1 airlock in that wall or in a L shaped walling) the npcs suffocate much much more frequently
- Storage system may need better reworked, i find my npcs just cluttering things in all zones even with storage shelf and bins.
- Asteroids once fully mined out don't always delete/clear themselves from the star map. I think this is a bug, as it sometimes does and doesn't work (things clearing up mineable asteroids sticking around, the priority # not going away, but the haulers still functioning and going to asteroids with remaining resources to mine them)

Overall i notice regardless of perfect emotional status(all green status across the board per human npc), the issues and bugs mentioned still prevail and in some cases can cripple the gameplay experience making it less fun and more hassle. Those bits definitely need addressed, otherwise keep up the good work
Post edited August 17, 2021 by supernet2ec