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I'm running starflight on OSX mountain lion. I can run starflight 1 fine, but when I attempt to start starflight 2, I get the error message 'place disk with stars.ega into any drive and press any key' and I can't progressl
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I've run into this issue as well (except on Windows 7). I actually ran into it on Starflight 1 but solved it by running in administrator (Windows 7). With Starflight 2 however I end up with the error message in both instances.
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I'm having the exact same problem, on OS X too.
loganconrad: I'm having the exact same problem, on OS X too.
Go to the directory:
~/Library/Application Support/Boxer/Gamebox States/
and delete the directory:

Then restart Starflight 2 and select the choice that allows the system to decide graphics settings.