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So i bought the games some hours ago and was wondering if there is a way to mine for minerals in SF1 or SF2
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Absolutely, mining for minerals is a part of the gameplay.

Here is a nice article/overview of mining and trading in Starflight.
In SF1, mining gets you started since you can quickly return to Starport and sell them.

In SF2, mining is completely irrelevant. You have to sell your minerals to aliens, and those minerals will rot in your cargo holds waiting for a buyer. Selling lifeforms will get you started. Learning trade routes is fun.

EDIT - Oops - Were you asking how to gather minerals?

1. Orbit planet. Go to Captain. Select Land. Look for high ground and select a landing point.
2. Disembark. You are now in your terrain vehicle.
3. Check your map. Minerals will look like X's. Pick a direction if you cannot see any.
4. Park your terrain vehicle next to the pickaxe and shovel symbol.
5. Go to Cargo. Highlight the mineral and hit Enter to load.

It will be natural before you know it.
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