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Just wondering if there are any cheats like an add money cheat and such.
Why would you want those?
I do not know the answer to this either. It does not take long to get your ship built up enough to do some serious exploring, and not much longer after that to be ready to kick some butt.

I did read about how to beat the game (SF1) in two game days. That will get you as much money as you need and then you can run around the galaxy kicking butt.
One stupid SF2 cheat I stumbled on, and is probably documented somewhere, is a barter scam. If a trade center has both an ask and a bid price on one of the standard trade goods in your ship hold (demand is random and changes every few days), then offer them 65,000 per unit for the good, and buy 0.1 units. Then turn around and sell them the 15 units your ship came with; they will offer 65,000 also. $975,000 profit... should be enough to get all the best gear and ruin the fun.