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As the subject says, Kickstarter for the second game is live :-) So far only Steam keys are available in the pledge rewards, but if you do not mind, the people deserve all of the support. :-)
If it was for DRM free key I would. Love the first game
I hope they add GOG key later as a part of the campaign to boost stretch goals.
I just voted on the wishlist for this
From their FAQ:

"We have already spoken to GOG but don't have any definite news yet, however given that StarCrawlers is available on their store, we are confident Chimera will be released there as well. We will announce when and if there is news regarding new platforms."

This does not give me enough confidence that if I back their KS I will get a GOG key for it. I have no use at all for a Steam key.

Additionally, their most recent development on Starcrawlers - that cyber combat stuff - was so un-fun to do that I worry about subsequent things they will produce, like this project.. I think I might wait to try a bootleg copy before deciding to buy it at GOG or support their KS. I can't afford to buy games that put me to sleep.
Beginning at GOG:
I hope Linux version will actually be a thing. I could use some more StarCrawlers universe :)
What about the factions in SC:Chimera? it was what among my prefered features in SCrawlers.
The story possibilities went removed?
^ this. I hope there are factions. My fantasy of getting my own ship with a crew and being able to travel to different ships/stations/planets to dungeon crawl for factions seems to be only a fantasy indeed :(. Regardless, will buy starcrawlers: chimera when it arrives on GoG.