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Changelog for Patch 1.0 - 5.25 hotfix (added 23 May 2017):

- minor fixes

Changelog for 1.0 (added 23 May 2017):

Starcrawlers is no longer a Game in Development.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0 - 5.29 Hotfix (added 29 May 2017):

- Soldier Best Defense no longer incorrectly requires a ranged weapon
- Fixed an issue that could prevent Smuggler’s Trick Shot from gaining extra bounces at Rank 3
- Smuggler’s Bounty skill now heals the lowest ally for 5% of their health, regardless of who deals the killing blow

- Fixed an issue that could retrigger cutscenes on mission Anomalous Energy
- Fixed erroneous pipe climbing event in mission Train Job
- Fixed an issue that could prevent completion of the mission Black Box
- Aurora Starliners now keeps their word about paying you for returning cores to them on mission Triangulatin’
- Fixed an incorrect portrait being displayed on the mission To Catch A Privateer
- Fixed an issue when playing NG+ or NG++ that could incorrectly scale some missions after a load

- CureAll can now be used to remove debuffs in combat
- Using the ‘Wait’ hotkey in combat will end your turn without using the popup menu
- Talrie has secured a Trash Can so you can toss inventory while in the shop
- GalaxyMart has upgraded their Vending Machines to include a Trash Can
- Fixed anti-aliasing failing to applying when entering STIX
- Minor text fixes
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Changelog for Patch 1.0 - 6.2 Hotfix (added 02 June 2017):

- Thank you to everyone who's been reporting bugs and issues - this will be the final hotfix before we start a regular patch cycle (roughly) every 2 weeks.
- Included in the hotfix are some initial adjustments for the Hacker Malware tree and various fixes and improvements.

- Logic Bomb Explosion can no longer deal critical damage.
- Viruses spread by Shareware no longer immediately check again for spreading again, leading to uncontrolled spreading. Again.
- Reduce explosion and bonus Virus damage of Kill Switch and increased cooldown. Kill Down should be at peak power when multiple targets are suffering from multiple viruses.

- Fixed a miscalculation of Combo Point damage on Assassination. It should be slightly more appealing now.

- Fixed a rare bug that could occur when loading a mission save in a position that would trigger a combat.
- Fixed some tooltips persisting after their menu item had been closed.
- Fixed display error in menus when a syndrome was affecting Critical Hit chance.
- Removed a redundant call to clean the scene of unused objects.
- Fixed an issue that could cause a betrayed character to make a sudden appearance at an inopportune time.
- Fixed an issue that could cause a summoned ally to halt combat when facing a certain enemy.
- Fixed an issue with Madness syndrome that could cause the victim to become immune to damage.
- Fixed an issue that could cause Retrieve missions to destroy the target item when the mission launched, rendering it impossible to complete
- Fixed an issue with the PAR Camera Drone that would cause it to miss registering misses when on a mission to score misses.
- Fixed an issue that could cause a bonus objective to smash drilling machines for HEHS to create an unattainable amount of objective items.
- A minimap marker now follows Rai’el.
- Repositioned hit locators on Mite Swarms.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.1 (added 18 June 2017):

- Crushed major FPS loss in combat after loading a save while on a mission. Big thanks to everyone who sent in reports and information to track it down!
- Incoming Stuns that are resisted by a target already under the effects of Stun no longer grant the target an additional chance to remove the effect.
- Weaker Stuns no longer stack onto existing effects - the strongest Stun will be applied.

Force Psyker
- Purity Prism now deals damage to all enemies immediately on creation and no longer deals damage when absorbing a debuff.
- Manifest Spirit no longer incorrectly carries charges between missions and properly displays Force Energy needed to manifest.

- Virus : Overheat can no longer be stacked on a target already afflicted by the virus.

- Purging Blow now grants stacking Haste for each buff purged instead of only for the first.

- Fixed an issue that could cause Weapon Specialist to fail to deal initial damage when using a Heavy Weapon.

- Fixed an issue that could cause Buddy Shield to fail to split damage with your buddy.

- Upgrade now provides increased damage and damage protection per stack and charges now persist between combats and reset at the start of a new mission.

Maps & Missions
- The cost per crawler to Wait For New Jobs has been reduced.
- Fixed an issue with Server Rooms that could cause the Rhyzohm Terminal to become stuck in a loop after interacting with it.
- HEHS will be less spammy if they catch your profiting off of rare animal parts - they’re still watching though...

New Game+
- Fixed a rare issue that could cause faction operations against you to carry over to a new game.
- Lore items collected will be preserved when starting a New Game+ or New Game++.

- Fixed an issue that could cause item comparisons to default to a character back on STIX.
- Cerulean Crystals no longer claim to cure all negative status effects and their Time Unit cost to use in combat has been reduced. These changes will not affect Cerulean Crystals already looted.
- The Rhyzohm Master Key no longer prevents the terminal event from continuing if all use options are exhausted.
- The Rhyzohm Skeleton Key no longer prevents the event from continuing if the key is destroyed during the event.
- The Astrohund Skeleton Key will once again function correctly with ship terminals on ship terminals.
- If you’re feeling especially cruel, the Prototype’s AI Core can once again be trashed.

- Fixed an issue preventing Emer LT from accruing positive favor consistently.
- Tec's Engineer Corp now offers an option to exchange favor for an A.N.C.H at Allied rep.
- New UFP legislation to target Fraud, Waste and Abuse limits death threat mail from certain 3rd party contractors to once per playthrough.

- The boss L0-K1 has been moved to a higher difficulty tier, generates slightly less healing per stack of Shock on enemies, and being Stunned will prevent the healing effect from triggering.
- Z0MB1 health and AoE damage slightly reduced. Chance to apply Mutagen slightly increased.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.2 (added 05 July 2017):

- The Mac & Linux versions will be updated as soon as possible.
- A variety of improvements and fixes - boosted stash storage, blueprint chip / crafting component management, combat UI, and more - dig in!

- The Stash in the Saloon now has 3 tabs worth of storage, with 32 items each.
- Talrie has added an AutoCraft Bench to her shop. If y’all have Blueprint Chips, this’d be the place to use them.
- Blueprint Chips and crafting components are now unique. If a unique item is rolled to drop and is already present in your inventory or stash, another loot drop will replace it.
- Removed AutoCraft Benches from spawning in facility maps as you can now craft in the comfort of your home station.
- New crafting opportunities are on the way soon!

Force Psyker
- Fixed a bug with Purity Prism that could fail to clear Stun.

- Artifacts created with Bag of Wonders will clean up correctly if destroyed before activating.

- Fixed an issue preventing FoxKin being recognized when using the Custom Armor passive.

- Hitting the Tab key will now toggle display of health bars over mobs in combat.
- Added a option for Sticky Ability Wheel in combat. This will cause the Ability Wheel to persist after an enemy is clicked instead of fading when the mouse button is released.
- Attack results are now logged first in Combat Log, followed by factors that affected the final damage.
- Attacks that miss because the target dodged are now called out in the Combat Log.
- Crit resistance successes are now shown in the Combat Log.
- The Combat Log, Crew Monitor and Timeline now all scroll independently, based on mouse cursor location.
- The Combat Log will now also show event messages.

Mobs & Combat
- All characters now correctly have 0% Dodge chance while affected by Stun (though attacks against them can still miss).
- Slight reduction in base damage and critical chance for CorpSec Heavy’s Power shot.
- CorpSec Heavy’s Battle Scan no longer stacks.
- Fixed certain Void-tainted mobs from having an outsized shield effect.

- Fixed Lungquake syndrome boosting damage resistance incorrectly.
- Fixed a stacking crit buff upgrade when dealing elemental damage from failing at 20 stacks.
- Fixed an issue that could cause an Autosave to be unrecognized in the Title Screen if preferences had been reset.
- Fixed an issue with forced player movement that could cause strange behaviour.
- Minor text fixes.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.3 (added 27 October 2017):

- The Cursed Mun has risen once again! A mysterious figure has been spotted skulking in the shadows, promising rich rewards to those who satiate his craving for Skull Candy…

Halloween Event
- It's our favorite time of year and the Cursed Mun Halloween event is live and brings with it new content! Here's what's happening : Skull Candies can be looted on randomized missions and traded to Baron von Ominous on STIX for festive rewards.
- For 10 Skull Candies, a ticket can be purchased that gives access to a repeatable Special Event mission : The Ghost Ship.
- The Ghost Ship has 3 unique bosses and also drops festive loot. Be warned - the Ghost Ship will present a challenging mission for even the most battlehardened crawlers.
- There may be more holiday events in the future!

Updated StarCrawlers engine to Unity 2017 and made a variety of delightful bug fixes - some highlights below :

- Linux StarCrawlers is working once again on distro Ubuntu LTS 14.0.

- Fixed a bug where Stealth applied by certain items would halt combat if a Cyberninja then applied another Stealth effect.

- Fixed a bug that could cause Constructs to deal reduced or 0 damage if attacking on the same turn as deconstructing.
- Fixed a bug preventing Bolty from gaining regen at Rank 3 Built Real Good when automatically deploying at the start of combat.

Force Psyker
- Interacting with certain crystal formations in Mines will now only target negative syndromes.

- Combat Log has gained additional details about events.
- Fixed issues with optional objectives on random missions not saving their state correctly.
- Fixed an issue with mobs dying in the process of summoning reinforcements and causing combat to behave strangely.
- Fixed an issue when calculating Fear resistance.
- Fixed an issue with certain events that could cause null items to appear in inventory and appear to take up extra slots.
- Fixed a bug that could cause Loose Crystals to drop an incorrect item.
- Minor text fixes.
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-18036 (Windows) / GOG-18036 (Mac) / GOG-18058 (Linux) (added 22 January 2018):

- This build contains a possible workaround for That Bug (crashing when returning from mission) based on code contributed by a fellow developer that was having a similar issue with their game.
- If you are currently experiencing a crash when returning from a mission, please try updating and let me know if the situation seems fixed. If you do crash, send me those logs!
- I've also updated the Unity engine to version 2017.2.0p2 to address stability issues.
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Changelog for Patch (added 26 February 2018):

- Updated Unity to version 2017.3.0f3 to address some crashes
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Changelog for patch 1.0.4 (added 19 June 2018):

Tip Jar

- We’ll be supporting ongoing development of StarCrawlers with free updates and content patches by adding a Tip Jar button to the title screen. If you enjoy the Hotwire Update and want to see more of it (and new stuff!), please consider showing your support with a $1 tip!
- Tipping confers no in-game advantage and never will (but we’ll think you’re really cool) and amount may vary in your local currency.
- If the Tip Jar bothers you, simply click the Hide Tip Jar button and you’ll never see it again.


- Fixed a plot hole that could allow a certain character to randomly appear on the final mission (despite your refusal to work with them earlier in the story).
- Firing the Prototype allows it to be rehired from the STIX bar - possibly. It may wander off and do its own thing if it feels like it.


- Sped up animation of Showdown crosses on target when stacks are greater than 3.


- Unsupported resolutions checks are no longer ignored on Linux as a workaround - as such, you may need to adjust your resolution and reset your preferences if you are playing on Linux with a non-3:4 display.
- If you encounter issues with your resolution on Linux - please let me know your distro and native resolution in the forums so I can support as many as possible.
- Double typing on text entry is still a known issue - Unity has not patched it. Investigation continues!

Other notes

- Fixed additional elusive typos.
- Minor bug fixes and QOL improvements.
- Known issue (non fatal) with event entering hackshop for the first time that can cause a sentence be skipped.


Changelog for patch 1.1 (added 19 June 2018):

- The Hotwire Update is live and it’s FREE. Originally intended as DLC, we’ve reworked and integrated all of the content from Hotwire into the base StarCrawlers game as a free update for all players. Here’s what’s inside:


- Hacking is now a fully developed and separate system that works alongside the base game.
- Datajacks will now spawn on randomized missions allowing access to the virtual Wire network which connects all of the systems of the map you’re on.
- Using your Deck, jack in and ride the Wire to encounter 35+ new enemies and discover 25+ new abilities exclusive to hacking.
- The Hackshop in STIX sells Programs and Utilities to beef up your Deck and tackle the toughest denizens of the Wire.
- Enemy programs guard the Wire and change depending on the type of network, security rating of their nodes, and other factors to give a different feel to each network you hack.
- New hacking element types (Security, Corruption, and Deception) each have their own enemies and program types for you to unlock and use both in hacking combat and when interacting with nodes.
- Nodes in the network control security doors, alert levels, contain loot data, and more. Hack your way to the Core and crash it to bring the system down and stick to the megacorps.
- Now that hacking is live, more hacking specific content is in the works (and will arrive Sooner™)!
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Changelog for Patch 1.1h2 / GOG-21678 (Windows) / GOG-21678 (Mac) / GOG-21682 (Linux) (added 22 juin 2018):

- Fixed event error when entering Hackshop for the 1st time
- Fixed hacking booster items being misidentified as accessories (and turning into Space Monkeybears)
- Had a chat with Du Bei about his vendor markup for hacking programs, utilities and repair costs
- Datanodes now have increased quality items based on security level
- Fixed some hacking map generation that could place nodes outside navigation area
- Fixed Stillsuit upgrades being lost on load
- Jacking out from the Wire will now correctly enable the explore minimap (Fleeing hacking combat may still kill the explore music)
- Tweaks to hacking mob health and damage output
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.1 / GOG-21852 (Windows) / GOG-21852 (Mac) / GOG-21922 (Linux) (added 2 July 2018):

A final round of fixes and tweaks before the next content patch. Big thanks to everyone reporting issues - shout out to Azure Fang (again)!

Based on feedback, we've made the following changes to Hacking in order to speed up the process, make it more approachable at lower levels while retaining the difficulty at higher, and make hacking higher security nodes more rewarding.

Hacking Changes
- Node defenders are limited to 3 initially, unless the node is the network Core. Enemy strength remains unchanged.
- At all levels, nodes with low security rating (white or blue) have a chance to be undefended.
- Data nodes with higher security rating can drop multiples of utilities, programs, and dataloot.

Hacking Fixes
- Imp core glow is now red like other Corruption enemies.
- Disrupt now has a cooldown so it can't permalock your cooldowns.
- Fixed enemies being able to Evade Barrier, preventing you from gaining the buff.
- The 'no loot' search result has been reduced in Data nodes and will correctly allow you to risk searching again for data.
- Having a full backpack in meatspace will no longer prevent you from auto-looting while hacking.
- Tazer debuff now has a visual & audio effect.
- Alarm alert music will no longer player in meatspace if the alert level changes while hacking.
- Consume no longer heals the target instead of the caster in hacking.
- It is no longer possible to use your meatspace combat inventory items when hacking. Nice try with those grenades though ;)

Base Game Fixes
- Fixed issue with fast combat animations halting the Final Boss fight.
- Fixed typos in faction contact events using outdated markup tags.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.2 / GOG-26012 (Windows) / GOG-26012 (Mac) / GOG-26193 (Linux) (added 19 December 2018):

StarCrawlers v1.1.2

A bunch of festive fixes and tweaks to hacking and the base game have arrived. Unfortunately, the coolant towers on STIX have overloaded again - enjoy the snow while it lasts!

Base Game
- Updated StarCrawlers to Unity 2018.2.11f1.
- Festive gifts have been spotted on missions. In the spirit of the holidays, be sure to steal them.
- Fixed issue with effects that update their duraton at end of turn sometimes updating at the start also and so shortening duration considerably.
- Fixed issues with some events that could display no options to proceed.
- Fixed issue on Final Boss Fight preventing use of combat inventory after phase 1.
- Fixed Crabomination being able to create an infinite loop of the ability Alpha Strike.
- Fixed item duplication that could occur after looting a chest with a fully inventory.

- Stability should be improved when using the supported distro of Ubuntu 10.04 (or newer).
- Text entry fields should no longer input characters twice.

- Du Bei in the Hackshop now offers special missions to perform remote hacks from the safety of STIX: no physical danger to your crawlers and your identity will be protected - as long as your Deck Masking holds.
- Jacking out of a remote hack mission prior to completing your objective will fail the mission.
- Base health of enemies in Hacking reduced.
- Base cost of items in Hackshop reduced.
- Successful node operations play a sound now.
- Group configuration for enemy hacking systems given additional randomization.
- Damage to enemies and to player that is fully absorbed by a Barrier effect correctly displays floating numbers and log entries.
- Fixed issue with generated hacking maps having some nodes unconnected.
- Fixed clones created by Dupe from setting the player deck’s health to their health value.
- Dazzle and Flares were receiving too much Stun value per level.
- Multi-hit attacks (like Shiv) now show damage per hit vs. min to max range.
- Fixed issue prevent Overwatch from initiating its effect on enemies.
- Equipping a Utility that modifies max HP / MP now converts current values to a percentage of the new ones (just like Health in the meatworld) instead of just changing the max value.
- Du Bei will now offer to heal the % missing of your deck HP (instead of charging a flat fee for a full heal, regardless of missing health).
- Deck HP & MP are displayed during node hacking events to give you better information about whether you want to risk them during node operations.
- Being jacked out by an event or fleeing combat now returns you to the meatworld properly.
- Fixed hacking programs carrying from game to new game.
- Fixed crit and damage reduction values being miscalculated resulting in always / never critting and no / massive damage reduction.
- Fixed Deck button during hacking becoming unresponsive after completing a previous hack.
- Fixed several issues caused by using Fast Combat Animations during Hacking.
- Fixed Mimics mimicking Mimics that could lead to mimiception.

- Minor text fixes.

Happy Holidays from StarCrawlers!
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Changelog for Update v1.1.3 (added 15 January 2019):

Base Game Changes
- Based on player feedback, random enemy spawns in rooms on side missions have been reduced 30%. This will typically result in 3 - 4 less battles per map and allow for more opportunities to explore. We’ll continue to watch for feedback on enemy combat density.
- Added new items and improvements to Lunar New Year 2019 - this event will activate on 5 February 2019.
- Most event vendors will refresh their inventories when a purchase is made, allowing you to stockpile event tokens and make your event item purchases in bulk.

Base Game Fixes
- Fixed issue causing Rojo the Lucky to appear before the moons have aligned and cause an infinite event loop.
- Optimized resource handling for maps / events / items. Loading times on older systems should be faster.
- Fixed an issue with starting a New Game+ when multiple NG+ files caused the selection scrollbar to appear.
- Fixed an issue when loading saves from (very) Early Access that had references to old data.

- All non-boss enemies now use specific abilities when Charmed or Taunted.
- Enemies that increase in size from buffs will no longer scale so large as to be unclickable.

- Fixed softlock in Hacking combat if Ambush dealt the final blow to the last remaining enemy.
- Fleeing in Hacking combat now attempts to retreat to the last Node you accessed. If no Node is available, an emergency Jack Out is performed. Node defenders will regenerate if you flee.
- Hackmaps now generate with extra space on borders to avoid appearing under UI elements.
- Snafu enemies that Divide will now properly inherit the size increase of their stacks of Surge.
- All versions of the Sample ability now correctly restore Masking when dealing damage.
- Having a full meatspace inventory will no longer prevent purchasing items in the Hackshop.

- Minor text fixes.
- Known Issue : there is a lingering “Nothing of interest remains.” event softlock - we are hunting it down.
- Known Issue : failing to flee from combat causes a softlock if Sticky Combat Ability Wheel is active under Controls. Disabling this option prior to fleeing will avoid the issue until it is patched.
- Known Issue : a category of Dossiers is failing to spawn for a certain faction - we are hunting it down.

- Happy 2019 from StarCrawlers!


Changelog for Update v1.1.3.1 / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 16 January 2019):

- The correct graphics API is now chosen dynamically. Startup times should be improved once again on newer systems.

- Launch time should be improved when using the supported distro of Ubuntu 10.04 (or newer
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Changelog for Update v1.1.3.2 (added 01 February 2019):

Happy Lunar New Year! Rojo the Lucky has appeared on STIX (and will no longer pelt you with infinite Lunar Coins).

Base Game Changes
- Added inventory Sort button to Loadout, Stash, and Merchant menus - sort your items by Type, Rarity, Value and apply filters to highlight specific item types.
Think an additional menu needs a Sort button? Let us know on the forums!
- Added Combat Ability Hotkeys (key or keypad #1 - 6) for equipped abilities. Simply mouse over an enemy and hit the hotkey to trigger the ability in that slot. This feature is in-dev and will be expanded and added to the Controls menu in a later patch with customizable hotkeys.
- Combat Ability Hotkeys does not currently function when Stick Ability Wheel is active.

Base Game Fixes
- Player hacking Core should now receive the correct amount from effects that boost damage (ex : all ranks of Protocol)
- Failing to flee from combat with Sticky Ability Wheel enabled will no longer softlock combat.
- All categories of Dossier will now correctly drop - happy Lore Hunting!

- Minor text and UI fixes.
- Added more bugs for free.
Hats off to the Dev team!

I only had enough disposable income to treat myself to one game this Christmas, and I went with StarCrawlers.
Really Happy to see it continue to receive support.

I absolutely love this game so far. I can't think of any other games that hit this niche, and it has been a real joe so far.

Thank you for continuing to tweak and further the quality of the game!