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Welcome this server wont be for everyone, it is a extremely hard server. It not only has frackin, but every mode is hard core so if you die your dead even on casual. Rpg growth is set to hardcore mode too, which makes things even more hard. Please do not cheat and make a new character. All admin commands are disabled including for the admins.

To install you must download the mod.z7 from google drive , and extract it to your starbound folder, I recommend making a new starbound install so you dont mess up any others you play on. Please make a new character when you join, if you use your other character and die it will be perm dead.

Your mod folder should look like this, no other mods it is checked by the server.


I did not make all these mods, please give the creators your love for their great mods :)

Here is the Link for the mod folder download.

Step 1- Download --

Step 2- go to your starbound install and delete the mod folder in there.

Step 3- Unzip mod.7z to your starbound install

Step 4- Enjoy :) IP-

If you need any more help let me know in discord.

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