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Hello all. I've been playing starbound on Steam for awhile, but ever since a certain update they made it so the game is always running on a server. Even when I went into offline mode on steam, the game still played like it was on a server. There's some pretty bad latency that's gotten me killed on hardcore mode (very frustrating), and vsync is always enabled. This was after I even turned off vsync in the config file for starbound.

Keep in mind this latency even persists in single player as well. I was told this doesn't happen on the GoG version, and wanted to transfer it to GoG.

Does anyone know if this is possible, or can confirm that these latency issues don't happen on GoG. If not does anyone have a fix for the latency issue?

Thanks for the help, and have a nice day!
Oh, those issues happen. The game just has terrible code.

You can probably import your universe and other things into a GOG install, and some of the mods, but don't expect them to magically remain updated.