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I recently decided to see about replaying X-Wing Alliance after playing with TIE Fighter via Steam and a friend pointed me over here due to some issues Steam-powered X-Wing Series Games have. Since I already have a few games from here I decided to do so. Therefore I downloaded the installer and started the installation however when the installation gets to its final point a new window pops up for Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable and its doing a set-up routine. Meanwhile the XWA Installer is paused during this and not doing anything. Therefore I said okay whatever I will just wait till this new thing finishes however it now has been about an hour and it hasn't gone past "Initializing..." in the progress bar. What in the world is going on here? My other GOG games never had this?

My Computer is a Dell Inspiron with Windows 8.1 btw

EDIT: Nevermind. /sigh/ After what......four hours...XWA finally installed successfully. Therefore for those with the same problem just keep waiting.

Sorry Folks. Thanks though.
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