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this is an awesome game. I was running the Proving Grounds, and I know the max level is 12. but it stops at 8/8 levels. I got to level 10, and then when I started again next day knowing I'm at level 10, but it shows 8. at first, I thought I had to uninstall and reinstall the game and run it again, then it shows the same problem. is there any ways to get this fix?? I'd like to get those patches, but I can't do that if it stops at 8!!

Please help!!

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Original release and GOG release player here. It's been always the way it is now, there's nothing wrong with your game.

You can go on in the course to levels 9, 10 and beyond to get as high a score as you want, but the entry level is 8 maximum. 1 to 8 are the only needed for the badge.

By the way, level 9 and above are exactly the same as 8.