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Hey all,

I'm not new to this series--played them when they were originally released as well as through dosbox very recently. I decided to buy the gog version today since they've added the 1994 collectors cd version but I'm having a bit of trouble with lag and slowdown. Never had this issue before, I have my cycles set to max and all dosbox settings are the default ones that come with the game. I'm not sure why it's doing this. I ran the setup and changed the music to general midi but I can't see why that would cause such slowdown.

Any suggestions would be wonderful!

EDIT: Changing output from surface to ddraw in the dosbox config seems to have fixed the issue.
Post edited April 30, 2015 by b1inky
I'll second this fix. I had the same issue until changing to ddraw.

THANKS, B1inky !!
Post edited June 27, 2015 by oneijoe