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Yep, this is a thing. On TIE98

I was playing a mission, and then suddenly couldn't use my keyboard.
I tried to alt-tab or windows key or Control+alt+delete but none of that worked (of course none of it works anyway, what the hell is up with this game?)
I had to put my computer to Sleep, then when it woke up the keyboard worked but the game had gone black screen and I could end the TIE process, but then my mouse no longer functioned. I had to restart my computer, unplug all USB devices, and it all worked again.

Seriously, what the hell is up with this game?
Same problem here but only with Tie 95. Tie 98 work OK.
Usually that work some five minutes, then loss the keyboard, then the Joystick.
Only way to exit Alt CRTL Delete and of course all missions results are loss then.