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Like most of you I originally played this on the N64, and was never too impressed by slide show cutscenes. I didn't know the PC version was so different! FMV's and voice acting, what a crazy upgrade!

60fps and HD are great as well. It's like a different game.
Yes, especially when there are no humans involved they are VERY good.
Lucasarts was still a division of Lucasfilm after all.

I grew up with the PC version and only learned about the slideshows for the n64 version recently while watching some youtube video.
Yeah just tried it out not that long ago, though it is quite a different feel, the N64 always had that mysterious/creepy feel. Now I feel like the game has a little life in it and character.
Honestly wished they had the cut scenes as an option in this as I remember on the 64 a scene on Hoth where Han and Dash talk and that seems to have been cut for the pc version which is disappointing