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My setup (pretty bog standard with no frills):
OS: Windows 10. 64 bit
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710
Resolution: 1680 x 1050.
Controller: Microsoft Precision Pro joystick

To get this to work I had to:
Use downloaded files (not Galaxy) and install with administrator rights into default folder and run game shortcut as administrator.

To configure joystick:
Go to settings/joystick and click large 'defaults' button on the right hand side of the screen

If I did not install with admin rights I got a black screen after the opening credits
if I did not run shortcut as admin (all users) the joystick would not work

After that all worked extremely well, full screen and smooth, in fact better than it used to run back in the day.

Only downside is the bug that causes the vessel to outrun the camera. To rectify it when it happens hit F1 or use just use cockpit view (which personally I hate as it reduces field of view so much). I think this bug was in the original but it seems to be worse for me now.

One more downside is that my trigger finger hurts.

But what a fantastic game. It must be one of the most satisfying ever made. And only £2.49 too. Amazing.

Thanks to others who posted here. I stand on the shoulders of giants. :-)
Still best to use dgVoodoo2 to run it in high resolutions unsupported by the game, or windowed mode, with flawless performance.
If your antivirus blocks this exe it's a false positive, it is safe and very popular. My antivirus used to flag it but has fixed it since.

Anyway, all I needed to do was extract it all then plop the DLL files from dgVoodoo 2's MS folder into the same folder as the game's exe files are located and finally drop dgVoodooCpl.exe in there as well and simply run it to configure the game.

The settings I personally use are MAX (for me 1440p) resolution in the DirectX tab with the best virtual GPU - dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card with 2048MB VRAM - disabling the watermarks and enabling whatever else I like and you may or may not, like 16xAF and 8xAA. In the general tab make sure you choose the Centered scaling mode, for some reason forcing 4:3 or other modes doesn't work (in the latest version at the time of writing) but Centered somehow makes it so. This could differ in later versions after this post so that's the setting you need to fiddle with in order to get the proper aspect ratio (round radar in-game).

When you first run the game you might need to go to the "Hardware Configuration" in the launcher, then "Change 3D Video Card" and select the dgVoodoo DirectX Wrapper. Or the game might automatically do that perceiving it as the only option.

Absolutely nothing else was needed, no compatibility mode settings or tweaks or other programs or whatever else.

The camera bug some people discuss where the view becomes way too distant as you play is maintained but I prefer the cockpit camera or the close-up camera right after the cockpit camera in the view cycle anyway so it's not a problem for me. Just make cycling the camera (or choosing one with the F keys) your first job in a level.

There is a way to use dgVoodoo 2 from a central location so you don't need to clone the exe in every game's folder (though you'll need to copy the relevant DLL files manually still) but you can figure that out yourselves if you want (or if you even have more games where it would work, currently I have Rogue Squadron 3D, MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries - which btw requires the VRAM to be set to 1024MB, it doesn't run with 2048 - and SWAT 3 installed so I've done that). This is just a short guide to play this game using simple steps anyone can manage if they know how to download and extract/move files.

All of the above on a Windows 10 64 bit installation with an i7 CPU and GTX1080 GPU so definitely very far from what the game was originally intended to run on back in 1998 and yet dgVoodoo 2 makes it work and perform like a charm.

Regarding the windowed mode I mentioned is possible, you leave all dgVoodoo2 settings as above, on the general tab select Windowed, on the DirectX tab disable the Application Controlled fullscreen/windowed state, set your desired resolution mode (on my 1440p desktop I used 1600x1200 which is 4:3 to ensure the aspect ratio isn't messed up, you might need to change more settings if you want a different size - btw the game by default has a 1280x1024 option but if you use that it actually squishes the hud a bit, t's not standard 4:3!) and the game should go windowed after several seconds of the intro play (for some reason that video always starts fullscreen and is also stretched rather than maintain the aspect ratio as it does when you have it in fullscreen mode with the same settings). If it doesn't you can always try alt + enter to force it after you're in the main menu (make sure the Disable Alt+Enter Toggle in the DirectX tab isn't enabled for this shortcut to work at all).

The mouse controls are weird past that point because the capture mouse setting in the general tab doesn't appear to work so the in game cursor is in a different position than your mouse cursor, you juggle it or end up clicking out of the game and unfocusing. The gamepad (joystick, whatever) controls remain intact so it's fine. You can also enable the center app window on the general tab if you want the game window to not be on the desktop's top left. I tried moving it around with the mouse but it just resized (maybe it's possible if you fiddle around, try and see, don't worry about the size as the next time you start it, it will resize to the chosen resolution still). Keep in mind the game has to be in focus otherwise it auto pauses and some functions (like windows key + print screen to save a screenshot) don't seem to work (thankfully the MSI Afterburner screenshot shortcut works).

Moving on, the game is pretty fun, if nowhere near as polished and full featured as the GameCube sequels. I was surprised to find how easy it was to map any joystick or controller (though I was initially disappointed to find a joystick wasn't really suitable for the game given the deadzone you cannot change and other control quirks, it's fun with a gamepad).
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Thanks for this. I decided to give it a try but fell at the first hurdle. I'm not terribly techy (or in fact much of a gamer) and your phrase "Anyway, all I needed to do was extract it all" got me. Extract all what? D3DCompiler_47? If I understood this I'd have another go.

Two other things:

When you say "just remember to cycle the camera at the beginning of each level" do you mean that if I cycle and chose the default view I'll not suffer the distance bug? Or do you mean cycle to a different view (I'm just about to try the close-up camera view you suggest as I'm stuck at Prisons of Kessel, refuse to use cheats or look for advice, and desperately need something to give me an edge!

Do you know of any other PC based games like that this are anywhere near as good (bearing in mind I like simple things!). Preferably that I can use my old Sidewinder joystick with.

And.... thanks!

OK. I cheated and watched this:
My X-Wing seems to fire duds! I have to fire many more times than this to down anything! This is much more assured, smoother and a lot less jerky. Maybe that's the joystick then.... or could be me I guess. :-(
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Extract the dgVoodoo2(v2.63 to be exact) archive you download from that page. The other stuff are other stuff, not dgVoodoo2.

Like. come on :P

And yes I meant cycle to a different view. The one I mention is the same one F1 gives you. I use a gamepad so I cycle with a single button through the camera views instead of go to my keyboard to press F1, there are not enough buttons to map all functions.

Maybe you'll like X-Wing Alliance or Star Wars Starfighter. The latter is probably most similar to this but it wasn't on the same level.
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Waffly stuff: Much as I thought. Thanks. Not too surprised there's not a game that matches this.

Got dgVoodoo2 and dropped in the dlls and the exe. Small confusion about whether I needed any of the 32 bit dlls but stuck them in the game folder anyway, overwriting the main one with the 64 bit dll.

Messed about with dgVoodooCpl.exe config choosing all the best stuff without having too much of a clue what I was doing. Played game. Quite amazed at how much better it looks and works. Graphics much more fluid and both crisper and smoother.

Only downside is there's lines around the text in the intro. And I couldn't get it to work in a window without it looking like something from Windows 95. But that's probably down to my ineptitude.

So thanks!

I've still not got through Prisons of Kessel though... :-(
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Yes, some menus also have some lines and stuff to them, it's pretty isnignificant when gameplay is so slick! Videos can't be fixed, it's pre-rendered like a picture, not 3D stuff you can run in higher resolution, you can only stretch it which never looks good. In-game videos like some of the various mission intros are improved of course. That level is kind of a bitch, I'm at the same one, haha!

For more games similar to this there are the direct sequels on GameCube (playable on Wii and I guess WiiU too). Rogue Squadron 2 & 3. I'd say you can play them on PC with the Dolphin emulator and that you need to find directions regarding that elsewhere but I remembered they're actually among the few games that don't emulate well unless you have a supercomputer level machine at home, if that even makes it work, when other GameCube/Wii games actually work flawlessly on modest hardware. Sucks.

There's also Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo but I don't think it's available for purchase. It was actually the first sequel to this with roughly the same technology but based on the newer movie with more levels about vehicles that don't fly but rather hover over land or sea, which didn't go well with some even though it's technically more variety. It has plenty flight/space levels but the ships included also handle quite differently to X-Wings. I wonder why it's not re-released yet, maybe Episode I licensing is messy.
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Thanks Simon_Turner41.
To download and install the offline version in your online account does the trick.