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I was searching for fan patches, fixes, mods, stuff for the original and came across this thing. I hope they get to finish it!

It looks so good already, and super faithful outside the upgraded visuals. I hope XWVM will be at least on par with this!
Here's footage of the same level in the original game so you can check out how faithful it looks.

Basically just the camera differs since this player switches to the close up camera soon after starting. And the graphics (duh)!
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As much as I love fan work, it does not look as good as other UE remakes I've seen for other games. Textures are much nicer but models are still full of sharp edges and not very smooth, and I feel that it is even more visible with HD textures. So far I think I will stick to the original, but who knows, maybe it will evolve in the good direction so wait and see.
Well, it looked so good that Disney felt threatened and they shut it down, disagree with all of the above but sadly they also took down all the videos with the cease & desist they received. Hopefully the same won't happen to XWVM.