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I was having a lot of fun (and some frustration on some missions, ok ; ) ) in the last days trying to beat all the missions with gold. Right now I'm on mission 18 with 17 gold medals and the frustration is incredibly high. Not because of the enemies, but because of the really really broken collision detection.
A lot of my deaths are like this: I fly around in the middle of the trench, not too close to any surfaces or the top of the trench and all of a sudden I allegedly collided with some upper part of the trench wall. There don't have to be enemies around for this and especially the corners are broken messes in this regard. Sometimes it's one of the obstacles in the trench, of course not one I'm flying close to and sometimes my X-Wing allegedly even collided with the back of some obstacles.
I had a few lucky runs wth silver (two would have been gold if I would have shot that last torpedo from a higher point and not having to shoot a second one ...) and I could just go on to the next mission, but since I want to have all missions with gold medals, I'm now stuck in this utterly broken mess of a level.

Has anybody had similar problems with that missions? I had some bad collision detection in other missions, too, where I allegedly collided with landing pads that were like 50 m away, but in this mission it's insane.