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I'm not one who likes very many computer games. Not for lack of trying... I just like working in my 3d modeling/animation software more than playing most kinds of games. The ones I do really like are the entire Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale/Planescape Torment/Neverwinter Nights games and their add-ons. I love D&D games, it seems. So then I bought Knights of the Old Republic I and II and just Love those as well! There have been a few others that I really love as well... all of which I've found here, at GOG! Those new(?) Shadowrun games are killer! Love 'em! I tried FTL just because the sale price was so cheap I couldn't resist. FTL happens to be an incredibly fun game!

May the Fourth celebration begins. I love Star Wars and everything that goes with it. I bought those bundles they offered - great deal where I could end up with all of the GOG Star Wars for about the price of the ones a came here to buy - Republic Commando being one of them. I must admit... I'm still not quite to grips with some SW games - probably just because flying sims are all too new to me. I'll get there... perhaps.

Republic Commando:
Never really enjoying FPS games, my first foray into this game was very short. When I've found myself not knowing what to do in order to control this super-warrior, I lost interest as blaster energy bolts tested my armor shield.

So after a few days I saw the icon on my desktop and remembered the talk of the AI controlled squad be very, very good as well as entertaining. I love Clone troopers and all of that, so I decided to just read the darned manual, which was pleasantly short and the commands are actually very simple - rather than having to remember scores and scores of key shorts. So I fired up the game my second time and haven't died yet, have completed my major goal and just received a secondary one where another Commando and his team failed... I am incredibly impressed!

I mean... I'm still really sucky at getting to grips with aiming. My crappy mouse and/or perhaps the fact that I wasn't really using a decent surface for it... I can tell it's not the game, which is actually quite helpfully stable! But what has kept me going through my whole first mission was my squad members! I love these guys and they respect and protect me. All I need to do is get close enough to an obstacle to sight onto it and I can assign (F) one of my pals to surpass it for me. As it turns out, they were actually hoping that I was going to ask them to do so! They're so eager and damned good at what they do! They also cheer me on when I do manage to actually kill something! LOL no - I'n not that bad! LOL The controls in this game are actually so nice that I've really been having fun - something I'm not used to from an FPS game, whereas I usually get attacked from behind and die. This one - I find it fun to check my perimeter, look around and up and down, and I've got my Brothers, who've truly got my back! They heal me and each other, as necessary... which is surprisingly not that often.

I'm currently running the game on a simple Acer AspireOne 10.1" laptop (netbook?) with a tiny Intel Atom dual-core cpu and integrated Intel graphics and it's running incredibly smooth and at a decent resolution - even though it isn't widescreen. It's very nice! I think I'm using 1280 x 960 or something like that. The soundtrack is amazing and the voice acting as so, so cool! The animation acting is absolutely gorgeous!
I'd never survive Geonosis without my brothers! These guys truly have my back - especially when I make full use of that wonderful "F" command whenever it presents itself. Darned bugs and super battle droids! I don't mind the regular battle droids but those SBD are just nasty and hard to kill! Those pesky Geonosians are torturous! It's really refreshing that the developers have made this game so nightmarish!

On a side note:
I've always liked my Neverwinter Nights type of system, where the character gets certain stats and it reacts accordingly - rather than having to rely on my skills (or lack thereof! LOL) with being able to control a game with all manner of junk going on around me - not being able to see behind me just always gets me killed from behind in FPS games. So with that, I've been completely staying away from FPS games as well as games that require me to actually operate the fighting controls, like the Morrowind series, for example.

This game has really got me into enjoying FPS literally for the first time. So without delay I've decided to install Battlefront II. While I'm not yet as sold on that as I am this game... I'm still a lot less negative towards trying to get more used to surviving it. So... Thanks, Clone Commandos, for opening my eyes to a whole new way of enjoying games! :)

I really like the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of my Squad Brothers in this game. The banter and correspondence is fun, funny, and helpful. Their skills are incredible! I love how they help me to stay alive and thank me when I return the favor.
It's a great game. Your reaction is perfectly natural.
If I may jump in 17 days later...
I played this game about five years ago on disc, picked it up here and installed it last night and I FORGOT HOW FUCKING GREAT IT IS!!!!

Some folks don't love this game and too each his own, but how someone can't get goosebumps just during that 1st intro when you are being flown in with all the Mechs blasting away at each other on the ground below is beyond me. An absolute top notch shooter.
Just a shame it never got that sequel and now never will. Disney are putting as much distance from the prequel era as they can.

Everything in the game just works, you feel like a badass super clone all the way through.

"This deluxe model just saved your ass, learn some respect".