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After trying both RCLaunch.exe and SWrepubliCommando.exe my game refused to start. Tried some of the solutions here on the forum but none fixed to problem for me.

So after some tinkering i decided go to Gamedata/System but instead of clicking on SWrepubliCommando.exe, I looked for Debug.exe. That allowed me to play the game.

Hope it helps. :)

my specs:
Win 7 Ultimate
Intel Core i7 3770 3.40GHz
GeForce 1050Ti
Post edited May 29, 2018 by MasterDassJennir
Might be worth mentioning that Debug.exe does not come with the game since I made it :)
It's included in my graphics fix:
I honestly cannot explain how this fixed your issue. The only thing it does is showing an error message after a crash and it limits the fps. Maybe the latter does something but idk ^^
hehe... Had no idea this was from the mod. :D

Anyway it fixed the problem to me. Really weird.
Run from debug exe in folder also there is a updated graphics fix at moddb.2.0 I think muchg easier to install also.
I have a little problem, i dont have the debug.exe and the new version of the fix doesnt have it, so if anyone could link it or something it would be very helpful, thanks for reading