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when i play this game on steam it often crash since i play on win 7 is it the same issue as here???
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For what it's worth, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee if the game doesn't work and Support can't help.
Use compatibility mode with Windows XP SP3 for swkotor.exe. Also make sure there is no other processes running (for some reason KotOR hates Firefox and mutually exclusive with it for me).

Only problem is that I have to reload after almost each fight, as selected character stops responding (other characters move around fine). Vsync is of no help (as people on other forums suggested).
The gog version has an issue with ati cards... on my window 7 (64bit) rig it wouldn't run until I remove the two ati files atigktxx.dll and atioglxx.dll... I have 13.9 catalyst on this machine.
how is the game on nivida cards??
^ on my GeForce 660M works like a charm.
I have a nvidia card and the game crashes on me. when I disable the cinematics, the game works, but I am looking for a way to play the game with cinematics (you know, the whole experience...)
when I enable v-sync and hardware mouse, my mouse is not responding. I can't tell, if the cinematics work or not.
XP SP3 comp. didn't work for me

do you guys have any suggestions?