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Hi, after the last update I'm having problem with my account.
My Wi-Fi connection is stable, other players play at my house, everything works fine, however every time I use the quest track in both the small and the large map the game stops and then it closes.
I have no problems with all the other indicators (vendors, trainers, taxi etc): what exactly happens is that while moving the mouse on the yellow/pink triangle in both maps, trying to know what to do, the windows automatically close even the character appears logged (if I'm in a group they still see me online without moving and, for example, when I login back and I try to use another character the game told me that I have to logout the previous one).
I've reinstalled the game but nothing changes. What should I do?
Please answer me soon.
What game are you asking about? None of what you describe sounds remotely like either KotOR game.