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I feel as though I should say my advice on KOTOR and how to properly start.

Firstly play as Scout first when you are using the character customization. IMO the Scout is more overpowered than the Soldier and Scoundral for the sole reason that the Scout starts with more Skill Points than any other character in the game.

To me Persuade is the most important skill in all of Bioware's games (or any game using the system) if you want to talk your way out of a fight or follow through your companions stories completely get Persuade.

Another crucially important skill is Security. You will be running into so many locked doors and chests/lockers in the game why not have your character be the master of unlocking.

Computer Use is just as important if only to get more options and lower the amount of Computer Spikes you use.

Repair for the same reason as Computer Use.

Demolitions imo is worthless especially if have enough health to take the blast and if its a poison trap you can easily cure it as a Jed with Heali (if you are playing as a Light Side Jedi Mind you) but you can still cure poison if you have enough antidote kits.. And because of the fact that you might have been increasing your awareness skill that shows traps regardless.

Stealth is......meh only for people who wants to use it, but I advice against it. This game rarely gives me a situation where I have to use it.

Treat Injury is of course important.
I don't agree at all.

Skill Points aren't that important, since your companions usually specialize in these areas. For example: Mission is a master of Security, Demolition and Stealth; T3-M3 (your first droid) has incredibly high levels of Repair and Computer Use.
Treat Injury is completely useless in my opinion, the game isn't too hard and you'll be able to heal yourself and your companions with the force soon enough.

Persuasion is the most important (and fun) skill, I agree on that. But then why would you choose the Scout? The Scoundrel can use Persuasion from the start, on Taris, which is nearly a third of the entire game.

The three starting classes are very well balanced and combined with the three Jedi classes later can make powerful creations, no matter what you choose. If you really want to dig into the mechanics of the game and create the best character for your style, I highly recommend this guide.
Otherwise, if you're playing the game for the first time, just pick whatever you want. (You should really get Persuasion though.)
Urnoev: Otherwise, if you're playing the game for the first time, just pick whatever you want.
Exactly, that's the point of an RPG. You will beat the game with whatever you choose, so you might as well choose what you like.
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Soldier with 14 Intelligence from start + Persuasion (+ Empathy) = fun

Mission can do Demolish & Security
Zaalbar is good with Repair
T3-M3 great at Computer Use

Threat Injury is worthless skill.

Intelligence is worthless skill which can be boosted a bit at the beginning and fully forgotten afterwards.

There is nothing better than Feats, that is why I strongly suggest to choose Soldier / Jedi Guardian.

Spent all available skill points on Persuasion (Feats on Empathy) early on and after Jedi transformation you will have to spend only 1 skill point on Persuasion like Scoundrel.

I played Scout and Scoundrel - no fun. Also canonically you should choose Soldier as well. Dialogue with Trask also fits perfectly when you first met him