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I've been playing this recently and I was doing the Mandalorian raider quest and I have only one group left to kill.It's one that kills the farmer on the Matale Grounds but they are not hostile.I am using the KOTOR 1 restoration mod.I read in another post that it was a bug that was fixed in the most recent version of the mod but just updated my installation and still those damn mandalorians aren't hostile.What do I have to do to fix this issue.
Are you using the mod? Check out this thread:
Yes I am using the Kotor 1 Restoration Mod that is the only mod I am using other than Flawless Widescreen.I saw that thread and I even downloaded an installed the latest release of that mod in order to update the version I had installed.But then I loaded a save game from outside that zone but they still were not hostile.

What should I do to fix this? I hope I can still fight them because I would hate to miss out on the exp and loot.
Sorry, it is beyond my ability to help you. If there is a way to help you at all, you might find it on the deadlystream forums. Search for a solution there since Hassat_Hunter implied that it is a known old known bug.
After updating you NEED to use a savegame from before ever entering the module said Mandalorian is in. Did you do that, or just loaded a save where you weren't in that module, but still visited it sometime?
I ended up using the save game editor fix because yes I was using a save from after entering the module with the buggy Mandalorian is in and my last save from before that point was after just arriving on Dantooine and I really didn't feel like doing all the stuff I had done on the off chance that problem won't occur again.So I was able to complete the quest.I did all the side quests on Tatooine and Kashyyk. Got the Star Map from Tatooine and now I am gonna be doing Mannan up to the point of going the underwater base but then leaving to complete Korriban,then Mannan,The Leviathan and finally the Star Map on Kashyyk.