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I own the original release of Jedi Academy and it has SecuRom DRM, If you use a original physical release and install it, you will have Music in the title screen menu.

If you use a unhacked copy and install it it will not have any title screen menu music just like steam and GOGs releases.

Can someone please explain this as it is making me quite upset , I thought the GOG release would be perfect and have that music included but sadly its not and I greatly wish to talk to a expert working at GOG to help answer this issue.
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Something is wrong on your end. My GOG copy is working 100% and without any DRM.
Yup, mine has music.
Quite strange that the single player EXE has to title screen music yet there is music in the physical release if installed from the original discs.

I will have to ask some friends if they experience any oddities with the GOG release.
I'm thinking this has to do with CD Audio and not SecuRom. Many older games required the disc to be inserted to play, so they simply read music off of the same disc, saving on install size. I'm thinking this is also the case here. A lot of those games have been patched to play vorbis music instead of CD music since then, and GOG tends to include those patches, but not in this case.