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Bloodpatcher: I have 10 different mods for jedi academy that adds blood and dismemberment to the game.
the blood always looks different for that i have 10 different versions of it.

if somebody is interested in such a mod, give me call
I am interested in a list of these mods

Mod updates

Are there any new mods for Jedi knights jedi academy?

Is there a lightsaber specific mod?

is there a Mod for multi-play online game?
Is there a mod that has created its own "world" or area to play in with better mechanics?

I have read and heard various things over the years about such mods but I have forgotten the links to them.
Felt like shaking the dust off this game and giving it an other go!
Post edited September 24, 2019 by RUREVENT
the list of mods is up there.
I dont have any new mods for that game.

there are mods that add new fighting techniques including new lightsabres and colors and also maps for the locations of the first 6 episodes of the films to fight against darth vader oder count dooku and others.

one is calles knight of the force and the other i dont know anymore but its an upgrade to knight of the force.
just google it i think youll find it easy.