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Hey all,

I'm having a problem with some community made maps. I will start a MP match in some maps and there will be missing textures. When I try to troubleshoot and remove other.pk3 files from my Base folder  some maps are fixed which leads me to believe there are texture conflicts between packages. For others there is no solution no matter how I rearrange my pk3 files.

Is there a PK3 load order for JKJA ?

Is there a possibility that since some maps are originally for JKJO that I need to copy some assets over? 
I have also heard that in some cases the problem might be related to the texture depth I have selected in my settings, or other rendering issues.

I know there's no catch-all solution, but has anyone had similar issues? If so, how did you address the problem?

Any suggestions are welcome.
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You should not be trying to use JO maps in JA as they have different texture/shader sets and you will definitely have problems as you describe. Even if you were willing to dig through and figure out which assets you needed to build a PK3 out of for the specific map, you are likely to still have problems as the two games use different identifiers and compilation options.

If you are dead set on getting them to work, your best bet is to find the .map file or decompile the .bsp, pull it into GtkRadiant and manually reassign and realign all textures/shaders, redo all triggers, models, effect runners and icarus scripts then compile it for JA. In short, it's probably not worth the trouble.