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I've been checking for a week now and I don't see a single server.
DarkAkriloth: I've been checking for a week now and I don't see a single server.
Nope, it's been working just fine for me! Works just like the Quake 3 multiplayer where you need to switch "local" to "Internet" and click refresh.

The community's alive and well and there's a source port of JK2 in the works, so it's most likely not going to be dead for a long time.
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Thing is most servers are either half-filled with bots or have plenty of hackers.

A noobish question coming from a noob: Is really all that everyone with a lightsaber does is jump around and mindlessly swing?
Well i can't speak for the core game as i played with mods. With the mods there was a few 100 people playing.

When it come to combat atleast for the mod you could not just button mash.
I haven't played this game a while, so can't say the playerbase isn't changed, but here is my experience:

Most of the times the servers was filled with the "not so good but not so bad" players, you can call them semi-professional players. They're always complain when someone doesn't use single saber, because the "dual and staff for noobs only". They think those two is easy to use and overpower. And yes, they're jumping a lot with a lot of mindless swings, and they though that is combo.

However there are real professional players who know where to find the balance between the weapons, and use real combos with reflex based counters. Most of them are helpful if you ask them.