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After the very first level there's a cutscene where apparently Skywalker is addressing the students in the temple, but he says nothing and nobody moves. He's just standing there looping an idle animation. Fortunately I can skip it but it has to either be a rare bug or something that was fixed years ago because apparently no one else is suffering from the same problem.

When the 4th cutscene in a game is bugged, am I to expect going forward that a quarter of the time I'm going to have to go online to watch the cutscenes in order to get the whole story?

EDIT: It's getting even worse. After finishing the two Tatooine missions, there's what I can only assume to be a level that is supposed to be a cutscene, but the cutscene never starts, instead I am put in control ingame, and I can seen an incorporeal stationary version of my character standing in the room. None of the characters do anything and this time I can't skip it because when you're ingame, you can't skip a cutscene.
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I've gotten the same bug where after doing two missions i'm stuck in a room with a bunch of npcs and a copy of myself. I know it's supposed to be a cutscene but I can't get it to start. I've tried verifying game files and going back to an earlier save, but it didn't change anything.
You can skip cutscenes with Enter. Do you tried rapidly pressing Enter while the game loads, possibly skipping the scene instantly?

Anyway this is one strange bug, I never encountered this but I remember Doom 3 doing the sometimes.
I got the same exact issue as the OP.... weird. You aren't the only one.
Exactly the same bug for me
Ran into the very same bug.

Playing the Steam version solved it for me.
LouisdeFuines: Playing the Steam version solved it for me.
Odd, I had the same bug with the Steam version. Using OpenJK did bypass the issue, though.