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low rated
Multiplayer (with bots) is the numero uno reason to get this game, and the moment you start a match, the computer will crash, regardless of it's specs and game settings, no exceptions. The same thing happens with the steam port of the game. I implore everyone with an ounce of sense not to buy this or Jedi Academy (which does the same thing only after a certain point in single player) on gog or steam. Thank you.
thats ok i hate multiplayer anyway
i have it just for the story mode
so as long at story works i dont mind if multiplay is crashy XD
same by me.
I dont care about the multiplayer in this game.

only singleplayer is neccesary in this case.
multiplayer still works for me.
Theres actually a trick to getting it work, and YES there is bots. Start the multiplayer game, pick your bots, launch the server as a dedicated LAN. Then launch your mutliplayer game again (on the same PC or another),You'll see your server, join it. Works perfectly on all my computers.
Um, what? Multiplayer is NOT the only reason to buy this game. Aside from the fact that the multiplayer works fine for me, Jedi Outcast (as well as all of the Kyle Katarn games) is a fantastic single player game.

Don't listen to this guy, BUY THIS GAME!