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I spent the last couple of days learning assembly and digging through thousands of lines of it to bring back the old N64 cheat menu!

This has some great features like increasing the AI Difficulty, Invincibility, Mirror Mode, and complete pod racer vehicle statistic customization.

Unsatisfied with just re-enabling the menu, I endeavored to create a stand-alone trainer that saves and loads your settings from a file; this way you can set the AI Difficulty once rather than each time you start the game.

I've uploaded the source code to my Github, feel free to download either the Cheat Engine table or the pre-built standalone trainer. I also built this with alternate launch methods in mind, so just start the trainer then the game and it'll take care of itself.
Post edited July 21, 2018 by Tehelee
Thank you! I look forward to trying it out.