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Ah, I remember this game from my youth. So excited to play it again!

I won the first race no problem, but when I started the second one I got 12th place. I did not remember that race being at all difficult and I felt like my pod was going really slow. Sure enough, I went to try the first race on Tatooine again and my pod was again going really slow. I got 12th. My pod was topping out at 219 speed and falling behind everyone (using Anakin's pod). So, I went and used my winnings from the first race to buy a speed upgrade for Ani. Still stuck at 219 speed. This has wound up being true both on my XBox controller and keyboard/mouse. Any ideas?

EDIT: Found solution. For anyone with similar problems, check whether or not your Y axis is inverted. It wasn't, which was causing me to break and accelerate at the same time, leading to the stuckness at 219.
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