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Playing the game for two hours, I already ran into a list of bullet points of bugs. You can post lists of bugs you persoanlly ran into. Here are some of them and solutions if any.

- Some resolution choices missing
    -> Fixed by today's update
- Game freezes and then crashes (everything but the graphics keep going, until it crashes a few seconds later)
- Races start with the camera pointing backwards
    -> A temporary fix is to hit Tab or Q to look back, fixing the camera each time happens
- Native screenshot functionality produces purely sky blue bitmaps
- Screenshot utilities such as MSI Afterburner crash the game
    -> I found only Windows 10's Game Bar and ShareX capable of taking proper screenshots of the game.
- On higher resolutions, FMV are displayed in small rectangles
Was having issues with the Oovo IV tunnels and not being able to steer but fixed it by limiting frame-rate to 29.5.
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Sliding doesn't work in 60 FPS. Likewise for vertical maneuvering in the Vengeance (Oovo IV) tunnels. Fixed in 30 FPS.
The game crashes when the blue loading bar shows up.
Hit detection sometimes acts when it feels like it. Best example is on Zugga's Challenge - I safety pass below the large movable crate near the end of the lap and move forward, and yet the game still thinks I hit something, causing the crash.
The Game is Still Crashing After the Update... hotfix3
when I enter the game... the blue loading bar appears... and
the screen frozes...
i went to task manager again
it says not responding
when i finish show the gnome error message
don't know what to do...
I am using Windows 7
If someones knows how to fix please post
or if possible re launch a new patch that corriges this problem...
I can wait! :)
good lucky for who got running
have fun
it's a great game