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I know it's only just been released, but I'd love to know if it's possible/planned to make a couple extra quality-of-life improvements for this game?

The two main ones I'd like to see are (in order of preference):

-Rumble support (the game still has all the options, but doesn't detect my XBox controller as a force feedback device)

-A way to run the cinematics in fullscreen (or if you can secure the original files, maybe even upscaled/remastered cinematics) would be awesome.

Obviously I love the game anyway, I've owned it way back since it first came out on PC, and bought this new version immediately when I saw it was released in my newsfeeds. I'd love to see this game get a little more TLC now that it's been licensed for redistribution on more modern PC platforms. Just thought I'd ask if such a thing was planned or even possible.
seconding this, being able to see the pre-rendered cutscenes fullscreen would be huge. i loved them so much as a kid on my crappy screen but on my current pc i have to reeeally squint
If you use dgVoodoo you can leave the ingame resolution at 640x480 and set higher resolutions with the dgVoodoo controlpanel. The cutscenes will be fullscreen but the image might be stretched a bit.
Well, I have the dgvoodoo stuff inserted. The FMVs are bigger, and the sky in the snow tracks are back and no longer green, but I can't seem to get the game back into fullscreen. I have fullscreen selected in dgvoodoo, but the game insists on staying in windowed mode.Pressing Alt+Enter doesn't do diddly. I've been looking in menus, files, and checking online for similar problems, but I couldn't figure anything out.

Edit: Nevermind. There was a secondary fullscreen option in the DirectX tab that I hasn't checked due to misinterpretation of its meaning. Got it! 1080p, regular sky on snowy planet, and fullscreen. I'm a happy camper.
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