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I bought this game 90 minutes ago and have just completed all levels in the Singleplayer Tournament mode... without getting overtaken ONCE on any level.

Is there a difficulty option in this game I can't find in the settings or a config file? I remember having to fight to win races when I played this game as a kid, but then again I didn't know the pods had a "Boost" function lol.

On an unrelated note, does multiplayer work? The menu seems very glitchy and I can't find any games.
Second mode instead of Tournament let you play with the choice of difficulty and a number of racers.
Are you sure you've not just completed the first tournament only? there's about 4-5 other ones that get harder and harder. Definitely a challenge for me after smashing though the first and I'm only on the second!
Yeah the first tournament is really training-wheels mode, but the difficulty ramps up pretty quick.

That said, if memory serves you are basically given one of the best overall pods in the game right from the start (Anakin's). So if you're really good at the game and manage your upgrades well it IS a bit on the easy side.