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I am coming from the steam version on EAW and was wondering if the GOG version had trouble saving. I have been wanting too get into the mods for this game but on the steam version they say it can take 5 minutes to 15 minutes too save. Has anyone had that trouble here.

Also anyone have any big trouble playing or installing mods here. Not sure it is worth playing the Steam mods if it takes that long too save. I have tried once and ended up ending the program since it was taking so long.

Im sure there is mods require Steam version (it more updated) or not available to download (only Workshop subscribe feature). But most mods should work, especially ones made before EaW Wokshop.

There is runme.bat files in Steam version and kanda same launcher\exe\bat for GOG, but a little bit differ. There is no Mods menu in older EaW versions, instead you should add start FOC Mods\*mod* command promt to such bat. Or create one. Or copy link fle and add this to command promt. Should be instruction for this.
And few Steam Guides explain installing mods for older version.