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Hi, I do have problems with the game on my system (core i5-2500k@4GHz, GTX 670, 8 Gig RAM, Win7 64 bit).

That is, the game suffers from massive stuttering. Every 3-4 seconds the game literally freezes for an instant only to continue to run with ~50-60 FPS until the next mini freeze. This hickups basically make the game unplayable for me. Neither changing grafics or sound settings did help. My system is up to date, and EaW is literally the only game out of a library of 100+ games that gives me technical problems of this kind.

Even the battle scene in the main menu, after running fine for about half a minute, shows this stutter problem.

Any ideas?

Experimenting with core affinities didn't help either.
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I think I get the same thing as you. When I go into cinematic mode it runs smoothly though. Can't play the game in cinematic mode obviously.

I'm suffering the same problem. It seems that it's only affecting the main game - Forces of Corruption are free of the stuttering.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Be sure to contact Support, and remember there is a refund policy in place if Support is unable to help. (Hopefully they can though!)
czapla: Hi,

I'm suffering the same problem. It seems that it's only affecting the main game - Forces of Corruption are free of the stuttering.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Yep, Forces of Corruption runs fine, it's just the original EaW that has this problem.
Also having the same problem. I'm positive it's not hardware, as I have the original CD version of EAW and it runs flawlessly. Running a Phenom II X3 710 with a Radeon HD 6970 on Windows 7 64.
I'm having the same issue. Game chugs like I'm running upmodded Skyrim on highest settings. Something is wrong.
Seems like here we have a solution:
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Le jeu vendu par gog est edition gold mais sans le patch "EAW_RAM_MPLobby_update.exe".
Il arrive à d’installé sur le jeu gog mais pour une optimisation complete gog doit l'adapter à son jeu.

Pouvez vous prévenir le support anglais car mon anglais est très mauvais.
Merci d'avance

translation google

The game sold by gog is edition gold but without the patch "EAW_RAM_MPLobby_update.exe".
It happens to be installed on the gog game, but for a complete optimization gog should suit her game.
Can prevent the English support because my English is very bad.
Thank you in advance
The 2GB RAM & MP Lobby update did not fix the stuttering and apparent memory leak/slowdown. I can't speak for anybody else, but this is NOT a solution for me.
Having the same problem even with after installling patch.
Have you installed the patch Administrator Mode? For I freeze them are not. I have some very rare slowdown but not freeze.
I also have this problem.
I didn't even see a Forces of Corruption shortcut when I installed this.

Re-d/l'ing now to try again.
Edit: yup, nice to see Forces of Corruption works right. :-)
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Nothing new about this? I want to buy the game, but if I can't enjoy the base product with this issue, then I'll wait for an update.

Are there any alternatives, maybe a mod that lets you play the Rebel & Empire campaigns on the Expansion?
Per the suggestion of the user "Puppysnuff" in another thread running the game in 98/ME compatibility mode should solve your problems. It worked for me. The 2GB patch I think did make the scrolling text appear properly but otherwise it runs poorly outside of 98 compatibility mode.

edit: You'll need to copy your save files to another location using this method.
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