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Guys, I need your help. I got JK version off Steam and, as with almost everybody else apparently, it sucks: menus and cutscenes in window rather than fullscreen, crashes upon exiting the pause menu and, perhaps most importantly, no music whatsoever! I'm really sick of this copy and I'd like to get myself one off as I hear it's improved in all those areas.

First, can you guys confirm this? And second, which might seem a little dumb, but I really need to make sure before I do something I might regret afterwards: I got pretty far into the game regardless of the Steam-related problems (the game at least is playable and, sure enough, a blast to play through) and I'd hate to lose all this progress. Is copying and pasting a certain way to ensure my savestates will transfer directly to the "new" game? It used to be like this with these old games but I'm really not taking any chances, not after having gotten so far.

Thanks in advance!
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Yes, I can confirm that the GOG version of both Jedi Knight: Dark Force II and Mysteries of the Sith are better than the Steam ones. Until now, the only problem that I found in the GOG version of those games, on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, is about the Aureal 3D sound wrapper A3D-Live which mutes every in-game sound effect if it is installed on the system (a problem that also exists in the Steam versions, and I think it's releted to missing specific .dll or maybe there are no A3D calls at all in the game, but I really don't know), but without it everything seems to be working fine. Perhaps the mouse is a little too sensitive, but that isn't a great issue.

The savegame of the two versions of the games are compatible, I tried it myself to be sure, and I had no problems, you only have to copy the "character" folder from the "player" folder in the path [C:\]Steam\SteamApps\common\Star Wars Jedi Knight\player\%character%" and paste it to the same "player" folder in the GOG installation path, this will copy every information related to your character in the GOG version of the game, including savegames and game settings without any conflict.
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