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jnisbet: I've gotten the GOG version of Jedi Knight working in 64-bit Windows 10 with 3D acceleration, mod support AND music by doing three things:

1. Extracted this pre-patched JK Unofficial Patch to the game folder. This enables mod support and is needed for the next step.

2. Extracted this 32-bit Display Mode Patch to the game folder. This is one of the ddraw.dll files that fixes 3D acceleration.

After doing those two things, I was able to go into Setup->Display and select a 32bpp resolution (which you need to get working 3D acceleration instead of a black screen). If you still can't select a 32bpp resolution, then try extracting this alternate ddraw.dll to the game folder, instead.

At this point, I had working 3D acceleration and mod support, but no "CD" music (i.e. no music after walking out of the bar). That made sense at first, since I was now using a different version of JK.exe than the GOG version, but it turned out that it wasn't that and that the fix to get music working again was very simple...

3. Renamed JK.exe to something else (I chose JediKnight.exe) and updated the shortcut.

When I discovered that that fixed the problem and I was getting music again, I went digging through the registry and found the culprits:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Custom\JK.exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

Once I deleted the JK.exe key and the reference to JK.exe under the Layers key (don't delete the Layers key, just the value inside it which references JK.exe), I was able to rename the executable back to JK.exe and still got music. For people who aren't comfortable with editing the registry and want a simple solution, though, renaming JK.exe to something else does the job just as well. Try it if you've gotten 3D acceleration working, but are now not hearing music after you leave the bar.

This method works perfectly for me, but only for the original Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and not on the Mysteries of the Sith expansion. Is there a similar method to enable 3D acceleration on MotS?
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Here's how to get 3D acceleration, mod support and music working in Mysteries of the Sith under Windows 10 (x64):

1. Extract this pre-patched Unofficial Patch to your game folder. This improves compatibility with modern Windows and enables many mods and fixes to work.

2. Extract these dgVoodoo files to your game folder. This should fix 3D acceleration.

3. Download and extract this fixed winmm.dll wrapper to your game folder. This fixes a few issues with music playing.

4. Rename JKM.exe to something else (like JKMotS.exe). This should fix missing music with the GOG release on Windows 10. Alternately, you can create and import a registry file.

That should be enough for most users, besides enabling 3D acceleration and a 16bpp resolution in the game.

If the above does NOT work, probably because you have an ancient computer, here's how I got the game running on my laptop:

5. Delete the four dgVoodoo files that you added in Step 2 or simply rename DDraw.dll to disable it. At this point, you might try another ddraw.dll from, but I had no luck.

6. Download, extract and run DxWnd.

7. Drag your renamed JKM.exe onto the DxWnd window, right-click on the entry that's created and choose Modify.

8. On the Main tab, de-select "Run in Window."

9. On the Video tab, change "Screen resolution" to "Monitor native modes" to have your monitor's resolutions show up in the game.

10. On the Direct3D tab, change "Texture Handling" to "Hack" to solve texture smearing problems.

11. Run the game either by double-clicking on it in the DxWnd window or the way that you usually do (via shortcut or running the .exe directly), but while DxWnd is running. Either way, DxWnd has to be running while the game is in order for it to work.

I think that I've covered everything. On my desktop computer, the first option (dgVoodoo) works for 3D acceleration. On my ancient laptop, only the second option (DxWnd) works. Hopefully, one of those two will work for you.
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