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Hey guys, I currently have the game on my Steam account and have been wanting to play through again. However, I've upgraded from my old desktop to a Surface Book which comes with all sorts of issues. Mainly it seems like I have to hop from the to desktop to the game quite a few times before being able to play, and if I open the options I have to do it all over again! To top it all off, my native monitor has a more unusual (to me, but I'm not a huge PC gamer) aspect ratio than my old monitor.

My question is, how does this version compare to the Steam version? Is it easier to hop in and play, or are they roughly the same?

Edit: I should specify that I'm talking about Dark Forces 2.
Post edited July 06, 2019 by Greyf0x327
There is no comparasion. The GOG version of Jedi Knight is vastly superior to the botched Steam version.
Maybe Steam fixes it, but the original Steam release was a terrible, terrible, port whereas the GOG version ran great on a Modern Computer right out of the box..or download.