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Just downloaded JK, running Windows 10, and when I go to run the setup.exe, I get a message saying - please see attached screenshot. Any help appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Edit. I got the setup.exe to run by disabling Avast antivirus. I wonder why I needed to do that? I ran the game and it worked, but when I quit the game, and then tried running it again from the desktop JK game launch icon, nothing happens. Any ideas please? Thanks.

Edit 2: I got the game to launch at the desktop by rebooting my machine. The game seems to run a bit shakily. For instance, the music stutters a lot. Is there anything I can do to fix that? And also, does this gog version run OK with mods installed? I was thinking of using the enhanced mod, the retexture mod, the hud mod, and the lightsaber mod. Thanks a lot for any comments.
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