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Hello all, I just bought this game and it will not launch focused, meaning the game will not display at all. It launches minimzed and whenever I click on it, it flashes the game's screen then returns me to my desktop. The program is still running and I can continue to click on it, hearing the music every time I do. I've restarted my computer and tried repairing the game multiple times each. Any help would be appreciated.
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I found the solution. The problem was that the menu is set to launch in 800x600 resolution. I could launch the game by changing my Windows 10 resolution to 800x600. Because I had the game itself set to 1920x1080 resolution though, I would have to change my OS resolution back to 1920x1080 during gameplay or else the problem returned. This didn't really fix anything though because I'm not about to change my resolution everytime I load into a level. I found a mod called Star Wars Battlefront II Remastered which fixes this issue and others once installed. Now my problem is that I can't get GOG to launch the new executable that the mod creates. So I can play the game but GOG won't log my hours as I play which is annoying. This seems to be a problem on GOG's end though as no matter what I do with custom executables, it always launches the original unmodded game. If anyone knows a solution to this let me know, otherwise, I imagine it's on GOG to fix. I would post a link to the mod but I'm unable to do that at this time so just search for it using your search engine of choice or on ModDB directly if you have the same issue as I did.
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First off, for singleplayer/local co-op better use installer labeled as Maybe some newer. Two latest offline build from GOG do not patched to 1.1 (only exe file are 1.1). latest be available labeled as Windows XP compatible version.
I'm not sure about Galaxy online build, cause yeah - Steam. I use GOG only as offline DRM-free store.
Although I never have problems with any Steam/GOG/retail builds on my Windows up to 8.

Check more section - must be option to customize launch.
Buckup original exe and replace with new one.

GOG not related to mods. Maybe support can help with problem itself...

Some program interrupt windows.
Or check Compatibility section of exe Properties. Check off any checkboxes there. If not help - try to enable(back) Fullscreen optimisation, DPI scaling wrapping...
Ofc run as admin even from X:/Games/. For game exe or for Galaxy exe if you start game using Galaxy client (must be installed to X:/Games/GOG).

Windows can wrap own scaling size. Do not set higher than 125% - Windows never do it good, no soft support this as well, and even 1w5% can lead to a some problems with windows.
Turn off/default/by application any option in AMD CCC tool except maybe Vsync.

Main menu for Battlefront 2 as I remember - 640x480.
PcGamingWiki can provide more info - but this is Wiki, read carefully and sceptical, especially for sections about unofficial patches/mods fixes
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