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Thank you, so much for bringing multiplayer back. It has been a blast playing. Your effort is truly appreciated.
It really needs an update though.
The 2 most obvious problems being crashing when loading online the browser, and the draw distance being broken.

I find general connectivity to be an issue too. It's like it is laggy no matter what. Even with a friend hosting the game close by. It's worth playing at its best, but on average that is pretty debatable.

It's not really my intent to nit pick or complain. I am just really hoping for an update in the future.
It'd be great to get this game to a more playable state.
Thank you.
(? maybe there are still smaller issues?)
I can't update my post or delete it.
The game was just updated addressing these issues. It also seems to have better general connectivity.

At this point I can honestly say my wishes have been met.
Thank you so much GoG team!!!!!