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I can not beat the Geonosis level on the single player, anybody has any tips?
Take a ship as pilot (the ship will get repaired slowly if damaged), wait until more units come inside, then take off and protect your CPs from the ship. If done correctly, you should start amassing numerical advantage. If not, at least you can survive with some troops to avoid losing prematurely.
I'm having the same issue - Played and finished the campaign countless times across my lifetime, never had a particular issue with geonosis. Feels to me like something has changed in this latest digital version of the game. No matter what strategy I employ, what order I attack and defend objectives, how soon I destroy the trade federation ships, I always lose on tickets, sometimes by a huge amount. My strongest theory is that the droidekas are too numerous and overpowered, they chew through units when their shield is up and there are always at least six spawned at one time. If I focus killing them in the gunship I lose by less, but then we're not capping fast enough. The friendly AI also struggle to actually get up into the cap zone for the two bunker objectives, often requiring you to do it yourself, meaning you get out of your vehicle and its lost to you. Literally out of ideas at this point. Anyone else?
Hey everyone, I solved the issue. Turn on V-sync in the graphics menu. I generally leave v-sync off in games, but in some cases games functionality is tied to the framerate being rendered - This is one of those games. The very game after turning it on I won easily. Troop behaviour appears to be affected, as well as reinforcement tickets - It didn't matter how many kills I got with v-sync off, their tickets did not dwindle at the appropriate speed. Each kill actually mattered with v-sync off. The game still handles quite well capped to 60 fps so not too much of a loss, you can probably cap the the FPS with rivatuner or something similar, perhaps to a number like 90 or so, perhaps the game only suffers above 100fps or some number. Enjoy the game.