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Starfleet Academy is supported by dgVoodoo2!

Just download the package, copy D3D8.dll, D3DLmm.dll, DDraw.dll from the MS->x86 folder and dgVoodoo.conf+dgVoodooCpl.exe to your Starfleet Academy installation folder.

Use dgVoodooCpl.exe to configure settings:
-> General:
Full Screen recommended
-> DirectX:
- Resolution 1920x1080
- Use "Fast video memory access"
- Optional (works): Antialiasing (MSAA) 8x
- Optional (works): Force anisotropic 16x

Tested with several 4:3 resolutions and 1920*1080 + 3840x2160 native.

Short notive:
Use "ATI Radeon 8500" for emulation with dgVoodoo2 - else you will probably have glitches with transparency in space.

dgVoodooCpl.exe -> DirectX -> Videocard -> use "ATI Radeon 8500"