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Dear God, yes! Take my money!
hawk2495: KA, SFC(123), EF 1&2, BC, ARMADA 1&2... Hell the list goes on. Any of those show up, they're going into my library. Rent and food for my kids be damned!!!! lol
Yeah, these are pretty much on the instabuy list, especially the Armada games. Once the original replay value dies, mods keep the fun going.
I agree and support. Shouldn't be to hard for GOG, I have the original 6 CD version working great in Win 7 64. I was able to enable widescreen and higher resolution with the free DG Voodoo wrapper. Never looked better or was more stable. Tricky part was patching the game. In win 7 64. The patch installer will not run. I had to manually restore the patch components, from a backed up 32 bit OS install of the game, to get full 360 rudder /aileron and forcefeedback support.
KA is also still awesome in stereoscopic 3D. Just got it working again in Win 7 myself. Would be great to have a GOG version, all the necessary CD shuffling was always a real pain in the a** with that great game.
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