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Hi! I just started playing this game and I've noticed some slight glitches that I'm hoping someone can possibly help me smooth out.

First, for some reason the rendering for the characters isn't quite right, often showing these lines (see screenshot) going through them, making them partly transparent. Backgrounds and basically everything else looks good, but the people look weird. It doesn't affect gameplay but if there's a means to fix that I'm all ears!

Also there seems to be a slight problem with the audio if a lot is going on. It starts to slow down and stutter.

I'm assuming these problems stem from the compatibility. I've changed the mode a few times to like Windows 8 and Windows XP Service Pack 2 and 3. Admittedly I haven't tried the others yet and I suppose I should go down the entire list just to be sure. I've also changed the resolution to run in 640x480 and I've tried running it in reduced color mode (8 bit and 16 bit). Beyond that I'm not quite sure what to do.

I'm curious if anyone else experienced any problems and what their solutions were.

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Ok and now the game crashes completely every time I try and initiate that first puzzle to go find Captain Picard. UGH!
the game dosnt like win 11 im playing in win 10 no probs so far
Yeah. I cant get this to work properly on Windows 11.
I mean it'll run (in Admin mode), but no audio for the game itself. Just the fmv sequences.

A real shame.
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I ran into the transparent characters problem when running the game on a PC with an AMD graphics card. On my PC with an Nvidia card there was no such issue.

I don't think changing compatibility settings will help as GOG have already done that for you with the nglide wrapper.