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I am in the process of updating Galaxy Charts to include canon star systems and getting the correct location of the stock systems with a graphical overlay of the territories of the major Alpha quadrant parts. However, to do this, I'm trying to figure out the exact location of the Maelstrom in the single player campaign. Supposedly it borders the badlands, the briar patch, Cardassian, Federation, and Klingon space. However, Federation space goes between Cardassian and Klingon space. The Briar Patch is near Klingon space and the Badlands is near the northeast corner of Cardassian space - just north of Cardassia and northwest of Bajor. This would imply the entire area of Federation space, which consists of Bajor, Trill, and Risa, are all in the Maelstrom, with Betazed and Orion likely on the outskirts of the region, opposite of each other. Is this correct, or did Bridge Commander not get things correct with territorial boundaries?
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Also, how do you make a race hostile? I've used the race plugin tool that came with Galaxy Charts and I've gone into scripts/custom/qbautostart//lib/races and made changes to the .py files there as well. Do I need to delete ALL the .pyc files in order for the change to take place?