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Today I was trying out the disk version of Star Trek 25th Anniversary and I noticed that the screen of the GOG version seems rather stretched out despite that both games should be at the same resolution.

I tried modifying it in the Dosbox options menu and the conf file itself, putting in the standard resolution size I use for the disk version of Star Trek 25th Anniversary with the expectation that that should solve the situation but the weird "stretching" remains.

Now that I know that the screen is stretched I can't ignore it anymore.

Does anyone here know what causes it and what can be done to resolve it?
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I solved the problem!

I found the solution surprisingly enough while going through some reviews of Star Trek 25th Anniversary on Steam as someone else apparently also had some issues with the screen size.

Thanks go to Mitsubi
This is what he wrote

* * * * *

And i made some changes in config file -dosbox_stjr.conf- ( it can be found in the game dir.) to wide the screen

output=overlay ---- you can put -ddraw- if you got green dots on screen edges.
scaler=advmame2x ---- makes picture a bit softer
aspect=false ---- try setting -true- if screen is too wide
cycles=34000 ---- optimal speed for me

* * * * *

The key here was aspect. When I set it to "true" the window in which either Star Trek 25th Anniversary or Judgment Rites was run was no longer stretched out.
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