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I have finished recently the Spanish translation for this game, which differs a lot from the original spanish 8 x disks release of the game. It has been done from the English version of the Enhanced CD. You can download it for free here:

I included also the source tools to uncompress/fake compress, tool for viewing/extract/import some .bmp files (not .pbm), and export/import .TXT and .RDF files. At the end, I have used a fake compressor for the files. Somehow, someone do it for some patches of the files of Judgement Rites and it worked in 25th Anniversary.

But this "fake" compressor does not really compress anything, only makes the files usable for the game. They can not be used in plain format and the game does not support files bigger than 65535 bytes. So, it is impossible modify at all some images, for example,VENG9.BMP, with the turbolift panel.

I'm interested in translate Judgment Rites also, BUT, this time, after checking the .RDF files, it is impossible to do this work without the real compressor. Some of the .RDF, after the "fake" compression are bigger than 65535 (0xFFFF) bytes. And the executable does not accept files bigger than that.

If anyone know the algorithm (or any tool) to "real" compress this files, I will be glad to continue with ST: Judgment Rites translation.

Thanks a lot and enjoy the game. It is a masterpiece with the real voices of the actors.

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I've downloaded you translation to have a look at the tools. I wondered if they are based on the tools that are available for quite some time here: Because in the source of these tools the compression LZSS was mentioned.

When I looked at your tools I noticed that the dates of some source files are more recent than your message and that LZSS is also implemented. I guess your question is obsolete?
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